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We stand by our product and the pizzaioli who makes it. We respect the craft and the industry. We believe in serving high quality, fresh ingredients. Our menu items come out in a timely manner and are consistent in both taste and in presentation. We strive to educate our customers and be transparent about who we are as a small business and do not make excuses for our shortcomings or blame others for our mistakes. We look for solutions when problems arise and ask for help from others when we are not 100% we know the solution

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About Us

At Much Ado, building a strong community is important to us. We strive to be a presence in and among the community and enjoy getting to know our customers as they walk in the door. We want people to feel supported by us and know that they can count on us for social and charitable events. As members of Slice Out Hunger, we are actively trying to do our part to fight food insecurity in the Tri-Valley area by donating funds and pizzas to local food banks, kitchens, and shelters. Family is the backbone of the company’s motto. We really enjoy being a “mom and pop” small business working all together. We want our customers and our employees to feel like they are part of our family as soon as they walk into our establishment. The customers and employees are heard, valued, and treated with respect. We make the customers pizza with care and with them in mind. When customers come to eat at our establishment, they have a unique, fun, and positive experience in a relaxing environment. We strive to continue to educate ourselves in this ever-changing world. We are not afraid to evolve and pivot if necessary to keep up with the latest technology and food innovations. We strive to train our employees regularly and to be employers that are approachable, and reasonable. We are proud members of the US Pizza Team and continue to listen and learn from our fellow competitors.

To develop our recipe, we hand mix high protein “00” flour, water, and our sourdough starter, 'Shakespeare,' and let it ferment at room temperature, overnight. The next day, we prep the dough incorporating the “Shiga,” (the biga made using 'Shakes') from the night before, and the remaining flour, water, salt, and oil. Then we ball the dough and let it cold ferment for 3 days before turning it into our hand-tossed, artisanal, “Shakespearean” style pizza.  This process creates soft, strong dough with tremendous sourdough flavor that is very easy to digest. We hope you can taste our passion for pizza perfection in every bite!


The Bard's Quest for the Perfect Pizza

             Little do people know about what the greatest Dramatist of all time, William Shakespeare, was doing during what scholars have considered his ‘lost years’, 1585-1592. Some scholars believe he was off studying abroad or was in the country working as a schoolmaster. Others say he became a soldier or he was on the run from the law to escape punishment for poaching a deer on Sir Thomas Lucy’s estate. The truth is that the “Bard” was actually in search of… the PERFECT PIZZA! He was infatuated with finding that perfect heavenly pizza pie.


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“It shall hath a complex, flavorful crust with a caramelized crunchy outer shell and be soft and slightly chewy on its inner open crumb. Thy crust would hath thy strength to hold up many toppings and leave’th the back of one’s palette singing with a slight tang. Thine amazing artisanal crust would be adorned with an aromatic, bright, and bold tomato sauce. Atop’eth thy divine sauce would be the perfect blend of artisanal cheeses that pull’eth dramatically away from thy crust. Nestled upon thy glorious amount of cheeses would be a generous amount of fresh, seasonal, high qualit’eth ingredients. Thy melody of this crust, paired with mine own special sauce, and premium cheese will be truly poetical!”


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