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~ Thine Thoughts and Feelings ~

The owners are lovely to chat with. They're clearly and rightfully proud of what they created here. We had the pepperoni pizza, and it was distinctively different than most pizzas in the area, and i mean that in a good way. Chewy dough without the usual sweetness.

~ Marcus H.

"I've tried each specialty pizza currently on the menu and each was more delicious than the last. Cool place, great service. Don't sleep on the cheese bread! SO DELICIOUS!!!!!!"

~ Brad L.

Wonderful people, excellent service... Oh yeah, and the pizza was awesome. The crust is superlative.

~ John M.

"SO GOOD. The pizza crust was impeccable, the toppings, amazing. The family was so kind and genuine. Thy is the most wondrous pizza!"

~ Kathryn C.

I consider myself picky with food. I expect a decent meal and this pizza did not disappoint!!! I would say, honestly, one of the best pizza places I've eaten at!!! Wish they had this place in my home town! Super delicious, a must try!!

~ Kristina C.

This is a place where you can tell the owners really care about what they do, and it shows. The dough is fantastic (and no added sugar), they use proper tomato sauce, and have clearly put the time and effort into finding quality ingredients. Absolutely delicious.

~ Tim C.

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